Drink in the Beauty of Japan

Kiwako Kurashima

Since April 2007, Ms. Kurashima is Editor-in-Chief of Koten Sakaba, a charismatic magazine for serious sake fanatics, focused on Japanese izakaya scene and culture in Tokyo. She is also the author of Tokyo Gubigubi Pakupaku Kofuku Nikki (Diary of a mouthful of happiness) and is also a certified sake sommelier (Kikisake-shi) of Sake Service Institute.
Ms. Kurashima started her own company, Kurashima Products Inc, in 2009 to introduce the Tokyo izakaya scene to serious sake lovers and izakaya fans. Along with her magazine Koten Sakaba Ms. Kurashima maintains her popular blog “Koten Sakaba Blog by the drunk editor-in-chief of Koten Sakaba” in which she writes about her day to day life exploring sake and izakaya.

Ms. Kurashima will help us explore the izakaya scene in Tokyo which is hidden to most foreigners. We’ll have an Izakaya night to remember.

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